Joviam | Cloud Computing Infrastructure

We reduce your cloud costs.


Lower base pricing

Our base pricing is up to 65% lower than most other cloud providers.

Efficient architecture

Our hyperconverged infrastructure means lower implementation or maintenance costs and improved ROI.


Pay for provisioned resources only. No cost for CPU/RAM on switched off VMs.

Pay ONLY for what you use

Flexibly provision exactly what you need, no pre-set resource blocks or tiers you may not use.


We make your cloud much, much faster.


Supercomputer technology

Public cloud built with custom hypervisors and Infiniband networking.

Superior hardware

Enterprise-grade SSDs, not commodity parts of other providers.

Reliable and scalable to your needs

Super-efficient distributed block storage (DSAN) for fault tolerance, superior performance and cost efficiency.


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We are the better cloud choice.

Faster Production Cycles & App Performance

Fully redundant, hyperconverged architecture, backed by Infiniband fabric and SSDs.

Heavily Optimised

VMs live with 2 clicks. Accelerated app performance for your end-users.

Unmatched Price to Performance Ratio

Dedicated resources. No hidden fees. Choose what you need, pay only what you use.

Customisable Servers, Storage & Networks

Define, provision & manage resources via rich API and CL tools. Infrastructure-as-code allows full flexibility.

High Scalability

Easily. Quickly. Horizontally. Vertically. Freedom to use any tool you like via our API.

Secure. Reliable.

Data protection via automatic data replication. Self-healing with rapid rollover minimises downtime.

100% Australian owned and hosted cloud with free local tech support

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