Price: Performance

It's simple - you get more for less. Dedicated resources. No hidden costs. Choose what you need, pay only for what you use.

Our tech

Fully redundant, hyperconverged architecture based on our heavily optimised hypervisor and tied together with InfiniBand.

Infrastructure as Code

Define, provision and manage resources via our rich API and command line tools. Fully configurable for control and flexibility.

High scalability

Easily. Quickly. Horizontally. Vertically. Freedom to use any tool you like via our API.

Data protection built-in

Free automatic data replication. Self-healing with rapid rollover minimizes downtime.

Cloning a disk and attaching to a running instance.

100% Australian owned and hosted cloud with free local tech support

More of what you want in cloud computing

  • Free private, unmetered networking
  • Self-healing architecture
  • Persistent cloud storage
  • Software-defined storage (SDS)
  • Infiniband supercomputer network fabric
  • Software-defined networking (SDN)
  • Live VM cloning and snapshotting
  • Distributed storage architecture = no single point of failure
  • Full OAuth APIs
  • Automate via a simple, clean control panel
  • Replicated storage out-of-the-box
  • To-the-seconds billing, no pre-set resources



'Joviam's cloud hosting is the smoothest environment and most powerful tech I've used for this price point. Dev to production on the same platform is brilliant.'

Greg, Stack.Aero


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