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Dissatisfaction can be a great thing. Great things are born out of dissatisfaction. Like our cloud platform.

We couldn’t understand why half decent cloud computing infrastructure cost a fortune and came with a raft of hidden costs. All the premium offerings on the market were, and still are, geared towards enterprise and the cost follows suit.

So, we pulled out all the goodies and wove them together into something that is more powerful than the premium offerings on the market, but priced so that everyone can afford it.

There’s a heavily optimised hypervisor, virtualisation and hyperconvergence, software-defined networking and storage, distributed systems, self-healing architecture, Infiniband network fabric, automatic data replication. Enough buzzwords?

We want to bring enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure to everyone. Despite offering a significantly better price:performance ratio than current market leaders, we don’t sacrifice security, stability or flexibility. If anything, these aspects are even stronger on Joviam.

Every stack needs a rock solid foundation and that’s what we aim to provide. From test to dev on the same platform, you can run and configure your entire cloud environment exactly the way you want it. We don’t believe in limiting our users to how we think things should be done – we give you the blank and powerful slate and then get out of the way for you to work your magic.