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Separation of storage from compute

The future of cloud hosting.

Joviam utilises a hyperconverged architecture. This means that storage and compute are present on each server node, providing not only greater performance, but allowing a virtual machine to be booted on a different node to where its storage is located.

With Joviam you do not have to buy a fixed amount of storage with each VM and are only billed for the resources that are currently provisioned (and therefore not available to other parties). If you turn off your VM we will stop billing you for CPU/memory and you will only be billed for storage/IP that is still provisioned. This contrasts with most other cloud providers that require you to buy a fixed amount of resources and continue to bill you for all resources after a machine is switched off. Use our pricing calculator to find out more.

Flexibility = freedom and reduced cost

A hyperconverged architecture can be seen as an ‘all-in-one’ solution with design efficiencies that lower the cost of implementation and maintenance, increasing ROI. Fast and easy deployments and system management lets users respond to their cloud needs easily, spinning up and pulling down servers with little warning.

As all our storage is network-backed over InfiniBand, we can mount any block device on any hypervisor. This means we can maintain significant flexibility when migrating disks between virtual machines. It also provides automatic failover recovery, so that if a node fails, the virtual machine can be provisioned on a different node whilst maintaining access to the same storage located elsewhere. This adds the ability to live migrate virtual machines around the cluster and perform maintenance without downtime.