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Hyperconverged storage

The future of cloud hosting.

Joviam’s distributed block storage system (DSAN) combines commodity cloud hardware with high performance InfiniBand to create a reliable, scalable storage alternative to traditional SANs and direct attached storage.

Reduced flexibility and redundancy are common issues with direct-attached storage. Joviam overcomes this through a virtual SAN (DSAN) across our cluster, using a distributed storage architecture over supercomputer technology (see ‘InfiniBand’). This architecture provides greater cost efficiencies, reduces latency and overcomes the points of failure typically found with Centralised SANs.

Joviam’s hyperconverged architecture means all nodes within our cluster have compute and storage resources, allowing horizontally scaling of our platform on all tiers. Storage assets are run on the same node as your VM for performance, and exported into our distributed SAN (DSAN) for live remote replication.

Hyperconvergence is particularly attractive to the exploding market of DevOps and users of ‘containerisation’ – running storage on the same node as a VM means containers run faster and have higher scalability.

Hardware makes a difference too.

Our SSD hardware is normally found in enterprise high-performance computing environments.

Joviam uses enterprise-grade SAS SSDs (read more about our IOPS speeds here). These are not the same as those found in laptops or lower-end cloud offerings; they’re higher performance and built to maintain their IO performance long after consumer drives have degraded. Coupled with Joviam’s unique, decentralised storage pool exported and replicated over InfiniBand, you get an industry-leading SSD tier.