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Performance Benchmarks


When looking at cloud providers you’ll want to know about each provider’s performance levels.

This page outlines Joviam’s performance results in black and white, utilising industry-accepted Phoronix benchmark test suite. Our results are then compared to those of other known cloud providers for ease and convenience.


FIO is a measurement of drive performance. It measures the number of file input and output operations that can be performed on a disk, the higher the better.

A large capacity file server with multiple, concurrent client connections would be an example.

These industry-leading benchmarks are the result of utilising InfiniBand network fabric efficiently to distribute storage across nodes in the cluster. A SAN approach hits scalability and performance limitations and is less resilient as a result.




iPerf measures the speed of a network connection between two servers by testing throughput and bandwidth. It essentially measures the quality and performance of a network link.

Backup systems, complex network topologies with routers and firewalls, Voice over IP systems, and video conferencing, greatly benefit from high performance, low latency private networking.

The platform’s InfiniBand fabric allows for much lower latency and higher performance than standard Ethernet used on most clouds, unlocking new workload classes not achievable otherwise.




Unixbench is a measurement of the overall performance of your virtual machine – combining results from various aspects of the system into one unified ‘score’ . The speed at which programs run is reflected here i.e. webserver and database processing.

Requesting a resized image from a database-backed website would be a relevant example here.

Our results are much better than our competitors owing to our hyperconverged architecture that places compute and storage on the same physical nodes, backed by an InfiniBand network fabric. This wrings out efficiency across CPU, networking and disk IO.