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How Joviam helped Sunswift’s team collaborate and retain information for success

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 17 04 2017.

There’s nothing better than watching one of your sponsored accounts make leaps and bounds forward, especially in the renewables space.

The Sunswift UNSW Solar Car Racing Team is a 30-strong student-run team that designs and builds solar cars to race in the Biennial World Solar Challenge – a 3000km road race from Darwin to Adelaide.

The team is currently working on the first internationally-recognised road-legal solar car.

And all between assignments and exams!

Their latest blog post highlights the contribution Joviam’s technology has made to the Sunswift initiative.

Sunswift’s technological achievements continue to blow us away year on year – we encourage everyone to follow their amazing journey.

Their full post is below.



What happens when you have a team who can’t document their work?

New people, old mistakes.

Prior to the success of eVe, Sunswift has historically suffered from poor transitions due to its inability to transfer knowledge to new team members. Although there were trails of paperwork done for each car, it wasn’t enough to retain the in depth information of each car part’s manufacturing process or design process. As turnover rates within student bodies like ours are high, it was rare that the knowledge retained.

We have always had a heavy reliance on older team members to identify and mitigate past errors. Even then, they would have only been exposed to or had access to at most 4 years of Sunswift’s knowledge base compared to the 20 accumulated since the team’s founding.

However, this all changed in 2015. A solution was found with Joviam.

Joviam became a supporter of Sunswift, providing us with an abundance of storage space on their secure and reliable cloud infrastructure. This enabled us to keep and easily access records of the entire teams’ work. Now, we can stand on the shoulders of the previous teams to further improve and create a world record breaking solar car.

Of course, the advantages of the cloud platform did not end there. Joviam’s space provided an agile workspace for the team to collaborate on. We were able to keep all of our confidential work entirely on the cloud, with the confidence that it was secure. This significantly accelerated the productivity of the team as it minimised blocking issues and mistakes made from using outdated information.

Joviam’s cloud infrastructure has also helped us to power a more sustainable future. Their platforms have enabled us to incubate our digital media resources, allowing us to construct engaging material for our sponsors, the general public, and in particular, students. Furthermore, it has helped us empower students to pursue a higher education and to expose themselves to the world of engineering and renewable energy as a whole.

We sincerely thank Joviam for their continued support. With their assistance, we aim to produce the world’s most advanced solar car and change people’s minds about the future.



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