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‘Founder Interview’ with Travel Massive

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 10 07 2017.



Had a great time talking travel apps and women in tech with Joviam customer Travel Massive in their latest ‘Founder Interview’ post.

Makes you want to travel!

The full interview is below.




Supercharging Travel Hosting – Founder Interview With Gabby Jarret From Joviam

Today’s founders interview is with Gabby Jarrett – the co-founder of cloud hosting provider Joviam and a supporting sponsor of the Travel Massive community.

(Note from Ian – Joviam power the super-fast hosting behind our community platform and this blog that you’re reading right now.)

What travel companies use your service?

One of our customers develops software for private airplane charter brokers, and of course we host the Travel Massive platform. We also host a number of fast growing WordPress travel blogs including Traveling Honey Bird by Jean Cheney, and Once In A Lifetime Journey by Mar Pages.

We’d love to speak to more travel companies that would like to scale on our cloud – get in touch with us 😃



Why did you start Joviam?

We started Joviam because we were tired of half-decent cloud computing costing a fortune and stinging us with hidden costs.

We wanted to give everyone access to fast and powerful web hosting technology – a product that performs better than the premium offerings on the market, but is priced so that everyone can afford it.


More than half of Travel Massive’s members are women. What’s your advice to women entrepreneurs to be successful in the technology industry?

So far, the fact that I’m female has never been an issue in building Joviam.

I’ve had a few surprised reactions, but ultimately everyone has been very encouraging. My advice would be to ignore the fact that you’re female – you have a brain and the ability/potential like everyone else. If you don’t make a big deal about your gender, then others won’t. And if they do, just work hard and persevere for what you want. Perseverance really is the key in achieving any success I think – just keep going. And going. And going! That goes for anyone though, not just females.


What’s your favorite travel app and why?

I love apps that save you money so I have more to spend on the fun things!

  • Roomer is great as it lists rooms that people have cancelled at huge discounts. If you’re not a fan of hotels though (like me), then of course you can’t beat AirBnB.
  • For flights, I’d recommend Hopper – it pushes notifications when flights are at their cheapest.
  • Otherwise, I don’t normally use a lot of apps while I’m travelling, because I think that half the fun of being somewhere unfamiliar is discovering things and getting by on your own.
  • Having said that, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t grateful for apps like Yelp/Zomato when it’s midnight and I’ve just flown in from somewhere and I’m starving and don’t want to eat airport food but have no idea where/if anything is open!
  • Google Translate and Google Maps are very handy in a pickle or unusual situation – like if you need some medication for the aftermath of that street food (although charades works here too😄), or when you need to get somewhere fast but are completely lost (normally though, there’s nothing better than following your nose).


Where is your favorite place to travel to?

This is too tough! Can I do a top 3? OK thanks 😄

Turkey, Argentina and Italy (in no order) – for various reasons, but most of all the experiences had and the particular memories made in these countries is what puts them on this list.

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