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This is where your data sleeps at night

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 17 03 2016.

If you’re a Joviam customer you’ll be happy to know that your data sits next to that of eBay, Google and Fairfax. It’s a pretty safe bet that these guys haven’t chosen just any old data centre to store their data. It’s also pretty safe to say that they would have had some of the toughest criteria to meet.

So when we tell you that we chose the Equinix SY3 facilities in Sydney, NSW because they are by far the best there is, you won’t just be taking our word for it.

We host all our infrastructure (including servers and networking) and customer data here. This means your data never leaves Australia and is therefore protected by Australian sovereign law.

All our racks are locked and have strict access controls and CCTV recording. Equinix utilises biometric scanners and requires all visitors to pass through at least two locked doors before getting anywhere near a server.

If you love getting technical, here are the SY3 technical specs straight from Equinix:


Want to see where your data lives? Take the SY3 virtual tour –

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