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Why High-availability architecture? Because downtime sucks, that’s why.

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 24 04 2016.

Downtime sucks. Avoiding downtime for anyone, individual or organization, is about as essential as pizza to a developer. High-availability of cloud services is critical in the current age of cloud-driven everything. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are often the tie-breaker when selecting best of breed cloud platforms in the market. Vendors…


This is where your data sleeps at night

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 17 03 2016.

If you’re a Joviam customer you’ll be happy to know that your data sits next to that of eBay, Google and Fairfax. It’s a pretty safe bet that these guys haven’t chosen just any old data centre to store their data. It’s also pretty safe to say that they would…


What exactly IS Software-Defined-Networking (SDN)?

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 12 02 2016.

Let’s head to the late 70s or early 80s. The integrated circuit invented a decade prior has become the driving force behind computers that are smaller, faster, more powerful and more accessible. You have a pretty standard home computer, as does your roommate. Both your computers have the same amount of…


DevOps – a bit of this, a bit of that….

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 18 01 2016.

Search the term ‘DevOps’ online and there’s a good chance you’ll find about eighty different definitions in the first five minutes. DevOps means different things to different people and both its definition and implementation methods are hotly debated everywhere. However, read widely enough and it becomes pretty evident that there…


Prizes, prizes, prizes and giveaways from us at BeerOps MegaMixer 2015!

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 30 11 2015.

We’re pretty chuffed to announce that Joviam will be sponsoring the Mega Meetup that is BeerOps – the event that brings all the DevOps-related meetup groups across Sydney together for a giant Christmas shindig where the free beer will flow like water. We’ll be there with bells on, armed with plenty…


Aipoly wins Joviam’s ‘Game Changer’ award at Tech23

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 19 11 2015.

Artificial intelligence is changing the lives of the blind. Aipoly – assistive technology that describes the world of its user through their smartphone – was the well-deserved winner of our ‘Game Changer’ award at Tuesday’s Tech23 event, held by SlatteryIT. Co-founder Alberto Rizzoli (pictured) accepted the award and receives buckets of…


How to decide on a cloud hosting provider without the tears…..

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 17 10 2015.

Migrating to the cloud or changing cloud hosting providers is a scary prospect for many organisations. It involves putting core business processes – data, software and infrastructure – into the hands of third-parties. There’s definitely cause for concern: of 358 organizations surveyed by INetU and THINKstrategies, 43% have had a…


Hyperconvergence – what is it and why you’ll want it

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 16 09 2015.

What Is Hyperconvergence? Simplifying administration while improving scalability, hyperconvergence is a form of infrastructure management that consolidates computing resources (such as processing power, memory, and storage) into a single commodity package. It’s a step up from converged infrastructure, combining a unified and scalable architecture with a virtualization-friendly interface. In a traditional data…


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