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We presented at the DevOps Sydney meetup last week

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 20 01 2017.

  Thanks to DevOps Sydney for having us speak at their January meetup last week. We ran the audience through Jupyter Notebook – an ‘interactive computational environment, in which you can combine code execution, rich text, mathematics, plots and rich media’. Naturally Joviam demoed blazingly fast on the night.    …


Joviam named in Anthill magazine’s ‘Cool 100’ companies

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 24 11 2016.

Joviam has been named in the ‘Top 100 Cool companies’ in the Innovation category by Australian Anthill Magazine. We’re incredibly proud and humbled to have our tech recognised in this way – and a big thank you to our users for spreading the word about Joviam! You can read here about our…


Introducing our new High-performance SSD tier

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 08 11 2016.

  We’re proud to bring you an SSD storage tier that surpasses all others in speed and performance.   How much faster is our new SSD tier than others on the market?   We achieve these speeds by utilising pure enterprise-grade SAS SSDs (used in high-performance computing) with decentralised and replicated storage, optimised using InfiniBand.   FIND…


5 best practices in server clustering

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 21 09 2016.

Performance, security and reliability are critical to the successful operation of web services. Of all the design patterns used to mitigate and handle these aspects, among the most proven is clustering. Clusters are generally composed of a mesh of nodes, such as a network of computers or a set of services that…


Our new user interface just went live

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 15 09 2016.

After months of development and testing we’re proud to announce the release of our new user interface.                                     With improved features and functionality, such as the ability to create high availability-grouped VMs and redundancy direct from your dashboard, our new interface makes having real control of your cloud infrastructure even easier. Take a…


How private networking can increase your cloud security

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 08 08 2016.

Cloud infrastructure is all about networking. While certain workloads can (and are) done offline, client access to those resources still require secure network access through authentication, integrity and availability. Private networking can be used as a valuable tool to assist in achieving these, by simplifying or enabling best practices. This…


SlatteryIT, Travel Massive & NCG- announcing new sponsorships!

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 25 07 2016.

    3 new partnerships? Yes, you read that right – we’ve partnered with 3 more amazing organisations to assist in achieving business goals through technology. We’re supplying SlatteryIT, Travel Massive with Joviam’s superior cloud infrastructure and facilitating Newcastle Coders Group meetups. SlatteryIT is THE IT industry events company, responsible for landmark tech events…


In fintech? We support UDP Multicast – cast your market feed for FREE

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 16 06 2016.

We’re excited to announce that Joviam supports UDP Multicast. Cast your market feed across our blazingly fast, low latency network hosted out of Equinix SY#. Our TCP/IP stack uses Layer 2, meaning you get full flexibility for any networking application. Anything time-critical is sorted with our lightning quick, 40Gb/s Infiniband network.    …


We’re official sponsors of the Sydney Docker community

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 12 05 2016.

Bust open the containers – Joviam is officially a sponsor of the Sydney Docker User Group. These guys do amazing work in cultivating the Docker community and providing those using, or just interested in, Docker with high quality speakers covering a wide-range of Docker topics. With over 1300 members and an epic…


This infographic of Big Data tools will blow your mind [infographic]

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 01 05 2016.

Big Data. A buzzword? A trend? A fad? It’s been around for a while now and if I had a dollar for every time I hear or read the phrase I’d be happily cradling a beer on my deck, suspended over the Croatian cliff line, while my kids played with…


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