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Aipoly wins Joviam’s ‘Game Changer’ award at Tech23

Posted by Joviam Administrator on 19 11 2015.

Aipoly wins Joviam’s ‘Game Changer’ award at Tech23 2015

Artificial intelligence is changing the lives of the blind.

Aipoly – assistive technology that describes the world of its user through their smartphone – was the well-deserved winner of our ‘Game Changer’ award at Tuesday’s Tech23 event, held by SlatteryIT. Co-founder Alberto Rizzoli (pictured) accepted the award and receives buckets of free credit.

Though still in beta, the technology is already being used by the visually impaired all over the world. Aipoly uses computer vision and machine learning technologies to divide and image into sections and run image searches on them. It then not only identifies the nouns in the picture, but can also determine the relationship between them. For example, instead of identifying a bicycle and a person, the application can recognise that the person is riding the bicycle and relay this information via audio to its user. Furthermore, adjectives can also be recognised and applied, such as ‘shiny’ or ‘blue’.

The aim of the technology is to not only provide a more complete and rich description of the world to blind people, but to enable them greater independence by no longer having to rely on other people to provide the description for them.

It is being generously provided to the blind for free, whilst ways to commercialise the tech are being explored, including through retail applications – the app can potentially help shoppers to navigate to specific products on special in large department stores.

Ultimately, Aipoly would like to create a ‘Google Street View for the blind’. Incredible.


You can find out more about Aipoly’s game changing tech here:

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